Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design- Definition Meaning and Use of it

The responsive Web Design makes your website and all pages of the website look good and deliver the best experience to users whatever technology they are using like a laptop, tablet, desktop, or smartphone. It uses only HTML and CSS.

In other words, Web responsive design is an approach where web designers build websites where they can easily shrink, respond well, and resize according to the screen.

To clarify, It is a key factor for everyone as businesses have more of a presence in the digital Market.

However, it works through Cascading style sheets to serve in different properties and styles which depends on the resolution and screen size, and all features and quality of the user’s device.

Learn How you can also create a responsive web design through HTML 

Use of Responsive Designs:-

Certainly, there is a very big issue of downloading speed, ads, and graphics on smartphones.

If it takes too much time to load so, it can be solved with responsive web designs. 

Likewise, on computers users navigate through the mouse, and in smartphones, users use figures for touching phones this problem of touching without zooming or adjusting the screen is solved through a web responsive site.

 It also helps you in solving so many problems it will make your website mobile-friendly.

Improve the way of looking at mobile devices and all and also a major factor of web responsive design is in ranking in search engines. 

Why Choose Responsive  Designs:-

Most importantly, the reason behind why you have to choose responsive web design is:-

Flexible to use, Cost-effective, Improves Rankings, Management.

Flexible to Use

responsive web designSo, if you are having a web responsive site, you can easily handle the changes quickly.

You only have to customize your setting in the way you want, once until you don’t want to change it. No need to worry about changes to your website.


In old practices, the business owners run separate websites for mobile and other devices, It costs so much and also very hectic to handle.

Though responsive website businesses eliminate the cost of mobile-friendly sites and can invest only in a single site to run business for all users of any devices web responsive sites.


Most small businesses don’t have much time to make their website creative, updated, or innovative but, instead of hiring a designer to handle all these activities of your website responsive websites empower owners to make changes in a very easy manner and quickly.

Improves Rank Responsive Web Design

Therefore, every business owner wants to show their business at the top of search engine rankings.

Search engine optimization is a very good strategy to obtain google search engine ranks.

Moreover, the business will go on the top ranks more chances of getting potential customers.

Most importantly, google mentioned that SEO gives preference to responsive websites or mobile-friendly sites, and all other factors of SEO, it can boost your rankings in search engine results.

Guideline and technique web responsive design for your website 

  • Enable for Touchscreen 

responsive web designMany of the companies these days are introducing touchscreen laptops to keep this in mind.

So, it is very essential to make websites responsive to both mouse and touchscreen users.

On other hand, if you are inserting buttons or drop-down forms on your desktop or on any other page consider styling, so it can easily be pressed by fingertips on touchscreen devices.

Secondly, remember that many of the tiny elements like the call-to-action button, images, etc should display properly on the screen.

  • Use of Fluid Grid.

 website measurements were laid on the basis of “pixels” earlier times but now designers adapt fluid grids.

Instead of making elements in one specific size Fluid Grid changes the elements of the site.

Proportionally, it is a very easy way of sizing things for different screens.

Fluid Grid allows elements to respond in the size of the image. This responsive grid is divided into two columns.

  • Image Size.

The sizing of images can be the most difficult and challenging aspect of a responsive web.

You have to create rules in CSS on how to handle images on different users’ screens.

It is for full width It should be removed, or to be managed in a different manner.

  • Layout

There are various layouts and pre-designed layouts in the market which are responsive and will work easily for you.

The only thing is that you have to do branding, updating the color, and content which fits your company’s needs.

To sum up, if you have a responsive web designed website then don’t worry about any new technology through web responsive sites your website will be up-to-date  If not INFOSPARKLES IT SOLUTIONS is here to help you.  Responsive website Example




Smart Tips For Choosing Domain Name search

You don’t want to make any kind of mistake but, Facing so many problems in Choosing the right domain name search for your website. whether there is a domain name search availability is there or not.

How to Choose a Domain Name

Keep some smart tips in mind for choosing and avoiding mistakes in choosing a Domain name search for your dream website. Here will tell you how to make this process easy to get your domain name search availability easy.

Short and easy in Typing

Domain Name searchThink about a word that relates to your business and is comfortable for your customers who can easily write and read it properly. It should be short and eye-catching.

Always use.Com in Domain Name search

Domain Name search


Always choose a domain name with .com because these domains are memorable, and many smartphones have the option in their .com button.

If you choose your domain name shop.cook,  in this case, customers can type your domain as, in this case, it will be an error.

Although, .com is universal and it is also a very popular extension, so put it in your Domain name.

No use of Hyphens and Numbers

Avoid numbers in domain names because it causes misunderstanding in your customers, if people hear your domain name search and want to go to your website they will get confused that it is numerical or spelled outnumber.

Try to Fit Keyword in Your  Domain Name

This is the best practice of ranking up your website in google by adding keywords in your domain name that you tell about the niche of your website and try to make it a unique website name.

Certainly, you have to be creative just to stand out and top of your competitors.

Don’t think about double letters in domain names.

Double letters usually create mistakes in typing, therefore,  due to this problem websites lose their traffic.

For example,

Take help from domain/website name generators

According to the reports, 370.1 million are registered, that”s why people say that all good domains are sold out.

This problem may be solved by taking ideas from domain name generators.

Headway Extremely Fast

Each and every day many people are registered new domain names from all over the globe. In this situation, you have to be very fast in registering your domain name if you will not move fast, so someone else will register your domain name. 

Therefore, if you are facing trouble in finding Domain names Infosparkle is suggesting you some site that may help you in choosing your perfect Domain Name search and check domain name search availability.

check, domain name search availability or any other reference

E-commerce Website-Modules And Benefits


Firstly, you have to know what e-commerce is!!!!

To clarify, e-commerce is known as e-business(Electronic-business) the sales and purchases over an electronic platform.

Or in a simplified way, it is online shopping.

Ecommerce also includes activities like internet banking, purchasing online tickets, online auctions.

Ecommerce started in the 1960s when the use of electronic data interchange (EDI) began to transfer business documents but online shopping came out in the 1990s which is very familiar in today’s world.

Mcommerce(mobile commerce) and the supremacy of smartphones are rapidly growing towards a broadway for ecommerce business. However, smartphones make it very easy and convenient to use and deal online globally. 

Different models of e-commerce business

So, there are some models on which e-commerce business can work there are:-

  • Business To Business (B2B)

Business to Business refers to the transitions where one business buys and sells any goods or services to another business. Therefore, the business provides a great discount to other businesses for motivation. Accordingly, to their deal.

  •  Business To Consumers (B2C)

It is a very common model of e-commerce The transaction between business to customers. In other words, All products and services sold by the merchant to consumers. Supermarkets are the best example of (B2C) models of the e-commerce business.

  • Consumer To Consumer (C2C)

It is a very relevant model of e-commerce business in that the customer previously bought a product and is looking to sell it to other consumers. For instance, there are such e-commerce business websites as Olx,, eBay. 

  • Consumer To Business (C2B)

E transaction of goods and services where an individual offers service for a particular time to companies, for example, A digital marketing specialist offers to a company to rank-up their business. 



Ecommerce websites are the portals where sales of goods and products on the internet through data transfer and fund transfers. In the early day’s businesses were running through emails and by phone calls But, now there is lots of change in the marketing strategies and techniques.

Certainly, through the change in the market lots of updates like through a single website anything and everything can carry out online.

Benefits Of ecommerce business Websites



There are various Benefits of Ecommerce websites but, here we are discussing the major ones. Make sure to choose a good and top web development company to build your website.

  • Working Globally

There is a problem with a physical store or market as it is situated in one place and limited to a particular demographic area certainly, an online ecommerce business website can move through the internet globally.

The advantage of ecommerce business websites is going from a local customer to a global market.

  • Working On A niche

Working on a specific niche is very easy for consumers to reach out to and also time-consuming for merchants and consumers. Ecommerce websites can build a highly profitable niche without much investment.

  • 24/7 Availability 

Most importantly, the success of websites is mainly due to the availability of the market. For merchants, there can be a huge increase in sales opportunities as it is accessible every time. On other hand for consumers, websites are a very convenient and immediately available option.

  • Cost-Effective 

Ecommerce websites are very cost-effective and very low cost on running, as we all know that there is no staff, no need for building, and no maintenance for the store or any physical marketplace. In the same vein, merchants can avail discounts and offers for customers for branding or settle in the market.

Development Of Ecommerce Websites By Infosparkles best ecommerce business website builder



Selling your product and services online to your customers is the best way of earning high profits through e-commerce websites. A merchant can easily launch all products for a large no. of consumers in the same place.

We are heading towards the best Ecommerce Website Builders. Infosparkles understand the needs so if you want to gain a game-changer advantage for your e-commerce business which delivers a great shopping experience to your customers.

Before we deliver websites to we work on the following tracks:-
  •  Ecommerce Website builders on Woocommerce and Opencart.
  •  Ecommerce website fully customized sites.
  • Business-friendly e-commerce website development.
  • Mobile Responsive websites.

We are e-commerce website builders and build websites you’re proud of. 


Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application Development is the process of developing software that can run on mobile devices through code, binaries, assets, etc. As web development has its roots mobile application development also has its roots. A mobile app makes use of a network connection to work with remote computing resources. 

Mobile Application Statistics

  1. The number of mobile apps is more than half of people spend their time on digital media.
  2. Smartphone users spend 90% of their time on mobile apps.
  3. 49% to 51% of people open daily an app 11+ times.
  4. On an average smartphone, the owner uses at least 30 apps in a month.
  5.  2.2 million apps available for download on the apple app store.
  6. Accordingly, a survey mobile app can generate $189 billion in 2020.

Device platforms for Mobile Application Development

There are two marketplaces for Mobile Application Development one is the iOS platform from Apple Inc second is Android from Google.

Android from Google is not only for google devices but also for other OEMs to build their smart devices.

Therefore,  some sort of similarities in both platforms in building applications. Android uses SDKs (software development kit) and toolchains.

Therefore, iOs Apple generally builds its own applications, Google provides android to other companies accordingly, to their requirements.

Furthermore, there are more alternatives to Mobile Application Development:-

On other hand, each one of them is having its own advantages and disadvantages whenever the developer chooses its right approach for their project and the resources required for the applications.

Let’s make it easy to understand the cycle of the Mobile Application Development

mobile application development

Above All, Infosparkles mobile app development company give out a few steps for understanding the concept of Mobile Application Development:-

mobile application development


Before you start the design and development phase you should dive into the market for better compatibility and know the needs of the market and in search of your targeted audience consequently,

must confirm with the use of app development language and framework. 

Most importantly, proper knowledge of your competitors whether they do have apps if yes! what kind of changes we should make in our overall budget of App,

what is your timeline for development when you have to launch your app and how you will promote it?


This is a very important planning phase once you determine how important your app is for your targeted audience and ascertain what kind of problems your app will resolve. 

Set your goals and objectives and all mobile application development is a very balancing manner so, that there is no financial and resource shortage with you.


Once you planned your framework and started working on it, now it’s time to build an interactive prototype.

A prototype is a very great opportunity to evaluate your concepts, designs, dead links, feedback, and usability of your app.

Furthermore, keep in mind for testing the mobile app, call out the people who are not the members of your team, let unknown and normal people observe your Apps.

Always ask for honest feedback on the overall functions and flexibility of use. Although, there are several online tools available on the internet.


It includes no. of process and steps in that the developer has to set up actual storage solutions, database, APIs, and server for your backend app.

Develop your app store account plan to distribute your app and make sure you read and follow all terms and conditions while making an account on the distribution platform to avoid rejection during the review process.

Meanwhile, make sure that they develop well interacted “skins” on apps so the user will eventually use it to interact with the app and regularly work on the feedback.


Mobile Application DevelopmentWhen you are done with complete app content, mesmerizing graphics and your text placed perfectly now the real test of application is starts from this phase.

Therefore, test the application meticulously in the real-time scenario, then go to the designs and documents of planning just to cross-check it and each and every feature, parts of the application don’t assume anything on your own.

Further, when you are confident that the application is working properly and working as it is developed then only feel free to launch it.


The steps which you take at the time of launching are having a very great effect on the success of your application.

This step involves your marketing department for better and innovative ideas like an icon, name, tagline, etc.

The marketing team will also help in keyword research which is very crucial for App Store Optimization(ASO).

You also need many platforms for promoting your app in an organic manner like websites, Social Media Platforms, offline promotion should also be there.

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