Basics of Web Development

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Firstly, In today’s world, there is a huge role of technology in each and every person’s life. Every single software and website is developed by web development. so, here in this article, Infosparkles will suggest to you How to Become a Web Developer.

So, What is Web Development?

web developmentWeb Development involves the work of developing a website or application on the internet or on an intranet. In other words, all tools, web pages, websites, apps, software that are available on the internet are developed by a Developer.

Website Database

The database is the storage of our website, our website mainly relies on the database containing all the aggregation of data records or files which are further, full of information about all actions of the website.

What Does Infosparkels do?

Most importantly, Infosparkles develop and design fully responsive and innovative websites accordingly, to the client’s demand and necessity with the best support.

We build a product that satisfies our customers and allows us to make better relationships with them, On the other hand, identify and resolve the problems of customers.

Programming Languages


Web developmentIt stands for HyperText Markup Language it is a front-end language for websites, In other words, HTML provides a skeleton to the website with tags and a series of tags.

Here are few HTML tags

<HTML>…</HTML> This tag is for beginning and the end of an HTML document.

<title>…</title> Title tag defines the main title of your page. It is very useful in the prospectus for both search engines and users.

<head>…</head> Information related to title tags, metadata, and links to scripts and style sheets is contained through the head tag.

<body>…</body> Everything that the user will see on the website is contained on the body tag.

subsequently, the language is for interaction in humans for thousands of years. But, if we talk about computers there is not so much of a difference.

coding is writing a paragraph or instructions for a computer to perform in the same vein, as given.

Furthermore, we can make a game or smartphone application with coding and programming.

Front, Back and Full-stack  Web Development

Frontend web Developer

As a frontend developer, the job is to implement visual elements that users see so that the website looks attractive. 

Therefore, Front-end developers must have expertise in HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, and be innovative and creative for website designs, so that users open the page and feel comfortable in taking the relevant information from the website.

Frontend web developer skills:-
  1. Node.js.
  2. Content Management System(CMS)
  3. Cross-Browser Testing.
  4. Cross-Device Testing.
  5. Search Engine Optimization ( SEO)(e.g., Onpage-SEO)
  6. CSS Layout e.g., Grids
  7. Charts / Graphs.
  8. Cross-Platform Testing.
  9. Usability.
  10. Task Runners, Build Tools, Process Automation Tools.
  11. Responsive Web Design.
  12. UI Widgets.
  13. Mobile Web Performance.
  14. Scalable Vector Graphics ( e.g.,  SVG)
  15. CSS Animation.
  16. Accessibility / WAI-ARIA.
  17. E-commerce Systems.
  18. MVC / MVVM / MV*
  19. Web Font Embedding.
  20. Progressive Enhancement / Graceful Degradation.
  21. JavaScript Animation.
  22. Application Architecture.
  23. Data Formats (e.g., JSON, XML.)
  24. Version Control (e.g., GIT.)
  25. Microdata / Microformats.
  26. Interaction or User Interface Design.
  27. Wireframing.
  28. Regular Expressions.
  29. Content Strategy.
  30. Dependency Managers.
  31. Package Managers.
  32. Unit Testing.
  33. User Experience.
  34. Object-Oriented Programming.
  35. Load Testing.
  36. Performance Testing.
  37. Functional Programming.
  38. Data APIs (e.g., Restful API.)
  39. Modules.

Backend  web Developer

Web DevelopmentOn the other hand, the backend of a website consists of a server, an application, and a Database.

Backend Developers generally look towards the database, server, and applications communicating properly with each other or not. So,  backend developers are expertise in e.g., PHP, RUBY, JAVA, .NET, PYTHON.

Skills of Backend web Developer:-
  • Web Development Languages
  • Database and Cache
  • Server
  • API ( e.g., REST & SOAP)

Fullstack  web Developer

Full knowledge of front and backend web development and expertise in complete development languages know the working on the client-side and server-side. Moreover, the full-stack developer can code on both ends.

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What are the basics of Web development?

Programming Languages Frontend web Developer >Node.js. >Content Management System(CMS) >Cross-Browser Testing. >Cross-Device Testing. >Search Engine Optimization ( SEO)(e.g., Onpage-seo) >CSS Layout e.g., Grids Backend web Developer >Web Development Languages >Database and Cache >Server >API ( e.g., REST & SOAP) Fullstack web Developer