What is digital marketing analytics and Web Analytics

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You will not be shocked, If I say that 55% to 60% of customers search online for reviews, before making a purchase. Every business is online in today’s world through websites or social media because it is easy and trackable and that too all Digital Marketing platforms can be linked to each other.

For most companies, digital marketing analytics is very important as it helps to promote their online presence. It is important to build a marketing strategy according to digital marketing analytics for business as it allows you to access your progress.

Digital marketing tools also play a vital role, by using them you can see which platform is having the best engagements, where are your targeting audience and all audience journeys.

Without knowing data your strategy won’t work although, it is very easy to understand and operate Digital marketing analytics tools. Customers want a personalized experience without understanding it fully; this is not possible, in this stage it is important to have access to data about your audience.

Advanced Analytics

digital marketing analyticsEvery metric is important for your business perspective whether it is website traffic, Bounce rate, Source of users, etc. These metrics give ideas to build your strategy for your audience.

It is a tool that collects all activity from your business promotion platforms. Here I’m gonna tell you some advanced Digital marketing advanced analytics.

User Behaviour

User behavior is the main key of finding how users are interacting with your product like on which page they are spending most of their time, on which product they click, at which they decided to go back, so it a need to set up users metrics there are numerous metrics for monitoring and analyzing such as clicks, conversion rates, session, navigation, etc.

The ultimate goal of collecting user behavior is to know why users behave the way they do? Reason for their action? Understanding user behavior is not rocket science either simple as walking into the home.


digital marketing analyticsMetrics are the numbers that are visible in dimensions of analytics, metrics represent- what a user did on your business platform, but there is more nuanced analytics that provides more valuable insights they are:-

  • Landing Pages

Sometimes users come directly to your website where they get some information but, sometimes after exploring lots of web pages, This metric looks at customers’ greetings. These pages have to be user-friendly and should be optimized and in a proper way to engage readers into customers.

User traffic is very useful for every business whether it is direct, referral traffic, or organic search traffic. According to Digital Marketing Experts Organic, Search Traffic landed more than 90% times in comparison with paid search traffic. Although Google Analytics provides information about all keywords which lead to your sites.

  • Segmentation

It is the stage where filtering and analysis of user behavior based on characteristics keyword research, traffic source, and many more criteria helps a lot to better understand their subsequent behavior, Through understanding users with segmentation allows you to facilitate better marketing to your audience and also you can target your audience in future marketing campaigns.

What Are The Benefits of Digital Marketing Analytics?

digital marketing analyticsWith the right selection of tools you can make a great deal, Traditional marketing is totally based on guesswork and creativity at that time, no use of tools and technology but still in marketing creativity has a very important role but, I don’t think that there need be any guessing.

Through analytics, you can understand the effectiveness of immediate and long-term creativity for your brand.

Build Loyalty With Individual Audience

While you study Digital marketing analytics, You easily get to know how and what your targeted audience thinks, it provides you with the demographics of the customers.

Although data also gives you a complete picture of personal data including age, location, operating device, also reaction. Also by this data, you can decide and make strategies for every demographics.

Development and Improvement

The data which is provided by digital marketing analytics it’s not just to understand customers of the business but also helps in improving the strategy for not just marketing campaigns also helps in choosing the right platform, the right product for individual platforms, and refine and improve the product.

This data can help in the development of products as well in business cost saving as it can show you which platforms are working for your business and which are not.

Higher Revenue

We all know that higher conversion rates are easily generated through effective digital marketing and it is only possible when a business is keeping an eye on Digital marketing analytics. Hence the higher conversion rates higher the profit for your business, Although you have to keep some points in your mind:-

  • Enables easy navigation for customers with an attractive and good layout.
  • Analyze customer patterns of purchasing across multiple digital platforms.
  • Only offer the data which fulfills the customers’ needs.

You cannot say which content or matter will go viral for your business, but if you have the right consumer insights, you are more step forward to that, Understand the needs of your market and you have more chances to get more profit.

what is Web analytics?

digital marketing analyticsIf you are thinking digital marketing analytics and web analytics are the same then its wrong, Web analytics is just a metric of advanced analytics, It only reports the insights of your web page, Let’s discuss it in brief:-

Web analytics is the measurement and analysis of data that helps you to understand the behavior of your traffic Across web pages. Usually, it measures the following things
How many visitors are visiting your website?
How many pages on which they are visiting.
How long do they stay on your page?
How do they arrive on the website?
On which links they click.

Although business uses web analytics platforms to measure site performance and to see customer journeys on site.

Importance of web analytics

The data, insights provided by web analytics can be used to give a better experience to your website visitors. As web analytics will show you the popular pages of your website and pages which are less traffic. Know more about Web analytics data.

Audience Data.

Visitors (How many visitors visit your website.)
New and Returning visitors (Ratio of new and returning visitors.) Demography and Geography (Age, gender, Location of visited audience.) Technology (From which technology they visited on sites like mobile, browser, desktop, etc.)

Audience Behaviour Insights.

Landing and exit page of visitors.
Time spent on a particular page. (user timing)
Bounce Rate. The number of pages per visit.

Campaign Data.

The campaign drove high traffic.
The website referred to most of the traffic.
Traffic visited through keywords.
Email campaigns vs Social media Campaigns.
It means web analytics analysis page views, time spent on site, speed of site age, gender, location, etc. On other hand, digital marketing analytics gives full measures of metrics like sales, leads, traffic, and events which clearly determine that leads will turn into customers.

Grow with S.M.A.R.T. Digital Marketing Analytics

There is a very effective way of growing your business with digital marketing analytics that is S.M.A.R.T. goals that are:-
Traffic from source: It is very essential to know the source of the traffic, so the business can work more on the specific source to grow the business.
The motive for this article is to let you know that if you are only reliant on web analytics then you are missing powerful tools that are Digital Marketing Analytics.
It can really help you to connect and understand your traffic easily. Through this you can fulfill your business objectives, so make sure to use digital marketing analytics, not just web analytics.