Mobile App Development – Step by step process for Beginners

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Mobile Application Development is the process of developing software that can run on mobile devices through code, binaries, assets, etc. As web development has its roots mobile application development also has its roots. A mobile app makes use of a network connection to work with remote computing resources. 

Mobile App Statistics

  1. The number of mobile apps is more than half of people spend their time on digital media.
  2. Smartphone users spend 90% of their time on mobile apps.
  3. 49% to 51% of people open daily an app 11+ times.
  4. On an average smartphone, the owner uses at least 30 apps in a month.
  5.  2.2 million apps are available for download on the apple app store.
  6. Accordingly, a survey mobile app can generate $189 billion in 2020.

Device platforms for Mobile Application Development

There are two marketplaces for Mobile Application Development one is the iOS platform from Apple Inc second is Android from Google.

Android from Google is not only for google devices but also for other OEMs to build their smart devices.

Therefore,  some sort of similarities in both platforms in building applications. Android uses SDKs (software development kit) and toolchains.

Therefore, iOs Apple generally builds its own applications, Google provides android to other companies accordingly, to their requirements.

Furthermore, there are more alternatives to Mobile Application Development:-

On other hand, each one of them is having its own advantages and disadvantages whenever the developer chooses the right approach for their project and the resources required for the applications.

Let’s make it easy to understand the cycle of the Mobile App Development

mobile application development

Above All, Infosparkles mobile application development company give out a few steps for understanding the concept of Mobile App Development:-

mobile application development


Before you start the design and development phase you should dive into the market for better compatibility and know the needs of the market and in search of your targeted audience consequently,

must confirm with the use of app development language and framework. 

Most importantly, proper knowledge of your competitors whether they do have apps is yes! what kind of changes we should make in our overall budget of App,

what is your timeline for development when you have to launch your app and how you will promote it?


This is a very important planning phase once you determine how important your app is for your targeted audience and ascertain what kind of problems your app will resolve. 

Set your goals and objectives and all mobile application development is a very balancing manner so, that there is no financial and resource shortage with you.


Once you planned your framework and started working on it, now it’s time to build an interactive prototype.

A prototype is a very great opportunity to evaluate the concepts, designs, dead links, feedback, and usability of your app.

Furthermore, keep in mind for testing the mobile app, call out the people who are not members of your team, let unknown and normal people observe your Apps.

Always ask for honest feedback on the overall functions and flexibility of use. Although, there are several online tools available on the internet.


It includes no. of process and steps in that the developer has to set up actual storage solutions, database, APIs, and server for your backend app.

Develop your app store account plan to distribute your app and make sure you read and follow all terms and conditions while making an account on the distribution platform to avoid rejection during the review process.

Meanwhile, make sure that they develop well interacted “skins” on apps so the user will eventually use it to interact with the app and regularly work on the feedback.


Mobile Application DevelopmentWhen you are done with complete app content, mesmerizing graphics and your text placed perfectly now the real test of application is starts from this phase.

Therefore, test the application meticulously in the real-time scenario, then go to the designs and documents of planning just to cross-check it and each and every feature, part of the application doesn’t assume anything on your own.

Further, when you are confident that the application is working properly and working as it is developed then only feel free to launch it.


The steps which you take at the time of launching are having a very great effect on the success of your application.

This step involves your marketing department for better and innovative ideas like an icon, name, tagline, etc.

The marketing team will also help in keyword research which is very crucial for App Store Optimization(ASO).

You also need many platforms for promoting your app in an organic manner like websites, Social Media Platforms, offline promotion should also be there.

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