On-page seo Factors and Techniques For Good Ranking

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Through On-off-page SEO, the website ranks on google but in this article, we will talk only about on-page SEO so, let’s start website analysis with On-page SEO.

In other words, on-page SEO is also known as “on-site SEO” or on-page SEO is the best practice for optimizing web page content for search engines.

In this blog, we will tell you why on-page SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an important factor for Your site. 

on-page SEO helps search engines to understand and verify your website and content and also it is a very important factor for your rankings.

on-page SEO tells Google and other search engines who you are and when your keyword is entered by the user why you should be on the top of the search.

Why On-Page SEO is Important

Through on-page SEO search engines are able to understand the website and content of your website and also, the relevance of the searcher’s query.
By On-Page SEO you can ensure that your website and the whole content of your website are visible or not on search engine result pages.
If it is optimized properly there can have a very big impact on google page rank, whether you have a small or big size business it is really important to do on-page SEO because more than 40% of your traffic comes from organic search results.

key factors and a checklist of on-page SEO 2021

Page Content

For search result position your content should be worthy for it, mainly, for users your content has to be relevant and well defined but, with demandable content, it should be linkable content too.

Interlink your page with your other web pages so that your user can stay for long and get some more relevant information. The more users will stay on your site the more google will get your site relevant to users.
Google has guidance for all websites and businesses that is EAT- Expert, Authoritative, Trustworthy, Your content should be EAT this says that the content of your site has to be well focused on the niche, High-quality, and focused on your target keyword.

  • First and foremost make content for users, not for the search engines.
  • Help Google to grasp every content on your site.
  • Try to make your content with the user’s mind, it will be beneficial when the user will type related to our content.
    Make your site useful and very informational, so that users appreciate and recommend it.
  • Make sure not to copy and paste your content from another website. It will lead you to plagiarism. We recommend you to make your content in 500-600 words but longer articles 2000 words or more than rank better.

Choice of Keywords And Placements.

Choosing a keyword for content is the most important aspect of on-page SEO. While choosing keywords you have to think like a user and should get the correct keyword for content.

Do not target Specific keywords for multiple pages; this is called keyword cannibalization and this can affect your rankings very badly to check it use an SEO analyzer tool.

on-page seoKeyword placement in URL

It is very important to fill your keyword or phrase in the URL.

Through the title, only users and crawlers get to know about the content of your page.

It is a good example of a good URL form.

This is a very bad example of a URL from On-page SEO acceptance.

Moreover, do not make too long URLs.

Title Tags

Through title tags, google notify the relevance of your subject. Poor, missing, or duplicate title tags can impact your SEO negatively.

The title is embedded in the HTML of each and every page which tells what to display in google search result pages.

Meta descriptions

Meta descriptions are paragraphs that are displayed in small paragraphs after under your title search results your meta description should be approximately 150-160 characters long so that the user can read it and take an idea about the content.

Your Meta description has to target unique words for each page but, remember to avoid keyword stuffing. It should not contain full sentences only include important and relevant facts to visitors.

Image Alt Text

Alt text (Alternative Text) is used within HTML code to set out the functions and the appearance of the image on the page. It is also known as “alt attributes”

In Alt Text describe your image specifically, so that your user understands the image who is not able to see the image. On the other hand, you can use your keywords.

This is another way of telling Google that your page is highly relevant to the search query, but your first priority should be providing and describing context to your image.

Content audit

Focus more on audit your existing content rather than creating new content, it will help you in:-
Through the audit, you get to know about your content accuracy whether it is still updated or outdated.

Moreover, it helps to know what type of content is working for you or not and achieving its goals and ROI.

Content auditing is a very beneficial strategy for on-page SEO in 2020.

SEO Writing

This means while writing the content keep both users and search engines in mind. Simply, creating the content will not work. Remember that you are writing for your users, so the content must be relevant for the users, it will be helpful for your On-Page SEO.

SEO writing will increase your user engagement, therefore, the users will not bounce, they will keep viewing your content and will come again for more information.

Internal Linking

On page SEOInternal linking is the way to drive your traffic from one page to another page of your site, Or we can say connect pages of your site for more and better information.

You can use internal links in navigation bars, header, footer, anchor links, internal backlinks in the content of your page.

SEO on-page Techniques 2020

It is very essential to make your site as much as search-friendly for increasing your ranking in SERP. Follow the thumb rule that is focusing on your visitors and attains requirements. Let’s talk about the On-Page Techniques you should use to increase your ranking in SERP.

Mobile-Friendly site

Mobile SEO is very important as we know that the use of mobile is rapidly increasing most of the visitors search through mobiles in that situation it is a major part of Google rankings.

During designing your website make sure that your website runs and looks as it is on all platforms like iPad, iPhone, Android phones, desktops. If a user searches for any query the more mobile-friendly site will appear on the top of the result.

User or Search Intent

User intent states the goals and intentions of the users when entering the search term into search engines. It can be navigational, informational, transactional.

As search engines regularly focus on finding out the intention of the user and that’s how to think about user or search intent while starting your keyword research.


Here site security clearly means HTTPS Protocol, However, without securing sites there are many sites that are functioning but Google’s Ranking Algorithm 2014 gives a signal as security just to push more sites over the internet.

Although SEO on-page is a very important factor for search engines’ result pages.

Improve User Experience

on-page seoUser Experience is a part where the visitors interface with the site and interact through navigation, site speed, informational bars, the structure of the site; these all are the main signals of On-Page SEO, Regularly think about the ways to improve website designs to give a superior experience to users.