Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC Models) and Process

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Software development is a process that simply collects data or computer instructions that tells the computer about the work. All of the work and stages embodied by the System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) or In other words, the process of Software development.

System Development Life Cycle Or Software Development process.

All activities of software development should be planned or divide into activities of the project according to the system development life cycle.
And the process of system development life cycle is linear and sequential upon these following stages:-

  • Identification of software required.
  • Analysis requirements of the software.
  • Software Designs.
  • Programming.
  • Testing
  • Maintenance.
  • Meet with all the requirements of the software, how it should work, how it should look like, and also the behavior.
  • Choosing the language for programming and the database.
    Implementing coding of software designs.
  • Code overall software.
  • Run the software, test it, and find bugs. If an issue is there, ask the developer to correct it and online it.
  • Maintain all the bugs, update it, and ensure that it works well all the time.

There are some methodologies or types of Software Development.

Agile Software Development.

Agile DevelopmentDeveloper’s use the agile software development method usually for minimizes risks like bugs, changing requirements, etc. It refers to the software development group method which is generally based on iterative development. With this method of software development, developers become very flexible and adaptable to the changes.

Agile software development allows users to realize software benefits earlier with improvements.

What is Agile software development?

Agile software development is the additional amount of Extreme programming, featured-Driven Development, or Scrum.  Agile software development is a Bunch or set of frameworks or practice-based values and principles show manifesto of Agile software development also there are 12 principles. Also, Agile software development is stands ups, planning sessions, pair programming, and sprints practices


What is Scrum?

The scrum process is very different from other agile software development processes with certain concepts and practices. These processes are divided into categories of Time boxes, Roles, and Artifacts. This process allows organizations to adjust to rapid-changing requirements very smoothly. The scrum process also increases deliverables quality, Better with change.

DevOps development

Software developmentDevOps is a method that also supports an organizational culture. It is centered on the organization and it increases development life cycle collaboration between segments and departments.

Companies that are using the DevOps method benefited by significantly reducing time to market and have betterment in customer satisfaction.


Waterfall DevelopmentMany of the companies choose waterfall to be the most traditional software development method, it is a linear model that consists of sequential phases that are

  • Requirements.
  • Design.
  • Implementation.
  • Verification.
  • Maintenance.

The linear nature of the waterfall development method is very easy to manage and understand.

Rapid Application Development.

Rapid action developmentRapid Application Development methodology develops a very high-quality system with low investment. There are 4 phases of rapid action development
User design.

It is most effective for defined business objectives, Rapid Application Development is mostly very useful for small and medium projects of software development.

Types of software development

Software Development is the basic activity of the software industry, IT Industry, and software production and maintenance, To clarify that here are the various types of software developments:-

Web Development

web developmentBuilding and maintenance of websites are web development, However, it is done by various codes and languages, moreover, languages depend on the task developers are performing and platforms on which they are working.

On the other hand, web development is divided into 2 general fields (Front-end) and (back-end).
For example, the front-end is the user-facing side of whatever users are looking at and using in the websites.

On the other hand, in the back-end development related to the server-side of the websites, back-end developers ensure that the database, applications are running without any problems and difficulties.

Mobile Software Development

Mobile development can be described as App Development creating applications that can run easily on mobile devices.
Therefore, the mobile software development technologies are:- HTML5, JAVA, C#, Android, swift(for iOS).

Database Development

Database development is the collection of data in an organized manner and the collection of real data that represents the real-world aspect. Database Management System is a software that stores and recovers the user’s data. 

Therefore, it is required for all software applications. So, there are some database management systems such as MS SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle. SQL is generally used to create and manage databases and for unstructured data there is NoSQL.

Application Development.

Application Development is programming that develops to perform on MS Windows, Linux, UNIX, Mac Etc. It is a process of creating a computer program or sets through language programming so that it can help users or businesses on a regular basis.
Technologies that are used in application development are C/C++, COBOL, C#, VB.NET, Python, java.

API Development

Development of Application Programming Interface, Allow 3rd party developers to interconnect with the functions and tools to which API relates. It is an art in which programmers build programs that act as a piece of the puzzle in different mobile, desktops, web, and operating systems.

Software Tool Development.

software developmentThese types of software are not generally in use by customers, so these are the software that is used for development build tools for the other software developers to test their code with.

By testing on these software developers ensure their code conforms to the industry standards and maintains it. Technologies that are used in Java, Python, c++, etc.

Embedded System Development.

Development of Application Programming Interface, Allow 3rd party developers to interconnect with the functions and tools to which API relates. It is an art in which programmers build programs that act as a piece of the puzzle in different mobile, desktops, web, and operating systems.

Security Software Development

You may be wondering that “really it’s a kind of software development” Yes It is very critical to be working these days.
Cyber securities experts and penetration testers work for the system, data, and betterment of the company.
The cybersecurity team mainly develops software important company assets safe from other malicious attacks.

Cloud Computing.

software developmentThe traditional idea of storing local files is ended now, it is tilted towards cloud computing services. It uses the network of remote servers hosted on the internet to manage data and store instead of using personal computers and local servers.

Data science.

Large data sets have no value unless and until you know of it, from where the data scientist comes from they know how to find value in data.
Certainly, machines learn to make their own decisions in the given situation, with large amounts of data. Data science ensures that this data is presented in the correct form and can be used in AI applications.

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